Will this simple Spotify error transform this lesbian love song into a Queer hit for the ages?

In a world in which the music industry has been commodified and digitised to a point where there is very little room for spontaneity, it’s nice to see things can still surprise us.

If I asked you to name an Australian icon or cultural figure, your answer would greatly depend on where you live now or where you lived as a child.

My friends in the UK would all say Kylie Minogue. I’m sure of it. Kylie would be the first pick for…

In a changing climate for small vegan businesses, delicious cakes aren’t enough. But Ms. Cupcake has plenty of other ideas.

Mellissa Morgan, also known as Ms. Cupcake. Photos: Ms. Cupcake

Through her famous Ms. Cupcake bakery based south of the river Thames, her bestselling recipe book, and a retail line of decadent baked treats, Mellissa Morgan has positioned herself as one of the most influential vegans in the UK, and now she’s working hard to keep her self-started and self-owned…

Fat Gay Vegan

Social justice. Freelance writer. Travel. Instagram: http://instagram.com/fatgayvegan Vegan cruises/events/blog/book: https://linktr.ee/fatgayvegan

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